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- Peter Drucker

How to Sign Up for a Username

Users who have registered for a username have additional permissions to perform functions on the website associated with member privileges.

To register for a username...

1) Click the "Sign up" link found in the Login dialogue box (located on the Login menu/tab found on the website).

2) Complete the form with the required information and press the "Sign up" button found at the bottom of the form.

3) After clicking on the "Sign up" button (in step #2 above), look in your email inbox (and/or your email spam box) for a confirmation email from the Plano East Senior High Cross Country Booster Club.

4) Click on the confirmation link found in the registration confirmation email. If you cannot find the registration confirmation email, look in your email spam box.

5) After confirming the registration (in step #4 above), go to the Plano East Senior High Cross Country website and login.


If you have any questions or issues regarding registration with the Plano East Senior High Cross Country website, please Contact Us.

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